Sound Spirit Radio

Sound Spirit Radio podcast is about what music our guests enjoy, how the music makes them feel. Our guests are regular everyday folk like you and me from around the world. Where English isn’t a guest’s native language, someone will translate. Imagine mashup of NPR story Corp, BBC desert island discs where the host interviews a popular guest discussing what music is enjoyed and how it makes us feel. We hope guests will become hosts in future episodes.

So having said all this, a good podcast has a host and guests. So since this podcast idea came to me, I thought at first I’d invite friends and ex-coworkers to be my initial guests so they are somewhat graceful towards me as I nervously interview them.  But as time has gone on and this podcast is still not yet going, I think now, at least during the last few weeks, I reaching out directly to singers whom I’m drawn to.

For example, my friend David Dyer, has a university friend, Vinx De’Jon Parrette, whom is a singer and musician who joined the faculty at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Vinx shares his music online each week on Facebook on his ‘Two Drink Minimum‘ and I’ve listened to a few of his smooth sounds while I’m at work. But then I learned that he also hosted a clubhouse and one of the hosts was Cleveland P. Jones who voice is also amazing.

After joining just one of the clubhouse session last week, my spirit was lifted and encouraged that I thought perhaps I ought to participate in a workshop, even though I have no idea how to start writing and publishing a song. I was encouraged to hear how one of Cleveland’s songs came about, recording on his phone in a parking lot.

That reminded me that I used to record my thoughts, and I used to record my songs of gratitude and thanks for simple things like, breath, life, mobility, and even cleaning the house.

I connected with Cleveland on social media and thanked him for sharing and invited him to be a guest on the show and he accepted.

If the good Lord should make a way for me to join Vinx’s Soul Kitchen workshop, then I know I’d like to join and get ‘opened up’ as to say.

Another musician I invited to record and interview with who also accepted is Frank Steiner Jr in Germany. I’ve listened to his music ever since visiting the Chinese restaurant that used to be across the road from the twin towers in overland park. It was diagonal to what was the Macaroni Grill on Metcalf Avenue.

Anyway, I learned about the music by asking the restaurant owners what it was and they showed me the CD cover – I Ching Symphony (1998)- so I ordered my first album way back when. The other album I listened to for years was Touching Silk (2004). Frank’s latest album is Natura (2021).

My podcast Sound Spirit Radio is here, have a listen, and if nothing is there beyond my short intro, come back again or subscribe and wait for something to drop, thanks for reading/listening!

9/12/2021 Update – No significant progress recently. Before I get this rolling, a few more initiatives need to be completed with our maker brand Maden Luv Design and I must create a podcast guest  form in Airtable before I can start scheduling guest interviews.

My tentative list so far includes:

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