I Feel Good

Today as I was bantering over the cube wall with my coworker Jaye, I mentioned it was my birthday next month.

He inquired to my age, and he remarked that the 60’s are great. I said was to be 57 this year.

Then I said I feel good, and that good ole’ James Brown song popped into my head which to my coworkers surprised I sang aloud.

Anyway, one thing led to another and another coworker, Fred Kornis said that brought back so many memories for him.

After we visited about James Brown, that song “I feel Good” I learned that Music was and is so important to Fred in his youth.

Fred talked spontaneously about his musical youth, his mother’s influence, the first band he was part of, mentioned local and international musicians like Paul Clark, Phil Keaggy, Tom Blasco, Allen Blasco, and Dan Rice.

During his sharing, I was reminded that I was inspired in December 2018 to start a community podcast named Sound Spirit Radio.

During 2019 I wrote down with great clarity what it was all about so it could be explained to others.

I sense that this year 2021 He might be starting something 😉

I Feel Good lyrics by James Brown (songsear.ch)


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