Little and Large

Little and Large were a comedy duo in England in the seventies. The straight man was Syd Little and the comedy was Eric Large.

They came together through pubs and working clubs the the early sixties. They found their way into the hearts of millions of viewers on British television. I remember watching their shows with my parents. A good giggle was had by the whole family.

Fast forward fifty years and my friend David Dyer thinks of us and Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger, another funny duo in the movie Twins.

Anyway, Dave has been a great friend and support to me over the last few years. We met twenty years ago when our daughters went to the same elementary school and we were part of the school technology committee.

Tom Blasco & Dave Dyer at video shoot March 2021.

We continue to have a shared interest in technology and specifically enjoy helping those who are technology challenged in sharing their stories or marketing their products and services.

As David says best himself:

I am THANKFUL for your friendship and HOPEFUL you might be able to assist!

Recently I found myself among the many looking for a new place to contribute my gifts and talents. I have a passion to collaboratively grow business through sales, marketing and customer service. Since 2017 I have been assisting a commercial drone business after about 15 years assisting a firm that provided training towers to the fire industry. .

As you know I am passionate about honoring Veterans and have been coordinating speakers for two organizations. I have attached my resume for your review. I am also a Past Member of Toastmasters

  • Areas where I can use some assistance:
    Introductions to growing companies in the Kansas City area.
  • Suggestions on how I might hone my message
  • LinkedIn comments on my profile page that might help show my skills to others reading my profile
  • Opportunities for Contract Work or Part Time Work during the interim
  • If I can be of any assistance to you, please let Fraternally,
  • Daveā€¦

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